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General Aviation Service has realized that Avionic maintenance, repair and installations is so tightly connected with supreme customer service that is necessitates an internal shop. Recently we have therefore established and obtained approval for a fully equipped avionic shop as to meet day to day repairs of elderly equipment but also to perform installation and repair of new up todate components.


From this shop we offer various maintenance jobs ranging from repairs, installations, minor changes, test and inspections all supported by major manufacturers such as but not limited to: 






for which General Aviation Service is now appointed as authorised dealer.

The avionic shop has instantly obtained tremendous success due to the fact it reacts promptly and extremely professionally to the clients expectations, parts and equipment is available and the combination of many years of experience.

In short time we have also been successfull in partnering with the above manufacturers or other vital suppliers of avionic equipment.


The theme again is:  operators and aircraft owners shall be handled gently, competitively and instantly.

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