Aircraft spare parts

Consumables / equipment & components

Aircraft spare parts, consumables / equipment & components

In cooperation with manufacturers , distributors we have developed  a very efficient base for above parts . No matter type of part we are generally able to  provide spare support either from our own inventory in Roskilde or from external sources.


We  dare say that , cant we find a part or a component , the chance is overwhelming that it is not at all available in the market.


 General Aviation Service  is  again  renowned for being very competitive , reacting instantly to spares requirement offering shortest possible leadtimes and with full certification.


No unidentified part is passing our system without accompanied by a full EASA/ FAA or OEM certification, and we can always provide copies of the certification should it be lost at any given time.


With due consideration to cost we are trying to stock all fast moving items for the most popular aircraft manufacturers. If a part is not in stock it will as a thumb rule arrive in 1 or max 2 days added actual cost for transport.


We do not operate with import fees or freight unless ordered specifically on AOG basis. We believe in fair pricing,  and always tries to find alternative solutions to save cost for the operator.


Serialised components are offered either outright or on exchange and  includes the following examples:


Starters – Alternators – Carburetors – Fuel injectors – Magnetos – Pumps –  Inverters – Wheels – Gear parts – Actuators – Batteries – Interior parts etc.


All is coming from either  FAA , EASA both or approved shops/OEMs  (DUAL release certification). Forms are included at no extra charge. 


We are genuine experts on spare parts and represent many years of experience , contacts , know how and flexibility. We are carefully finding, appointing and evaluating our suppliers and any inquiery for spare parts are handled instantly and professionally. Try us.

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