Propeller support

The propellers we exchange return precisely on time

Propeller support

Extended downtime is very often associated with support on complete propeller assemblies in  the overhaul or repair phase.


General Aviation Service  has minimized downtime through a careful partnering and selection of  large , dedicated and totally reliable exterior propeller overhaul shops. This choice of partner  is based on working experience and  records over a long time , and has proved very successful and complies with all steps from A to Z.


The propellers we handle return precisely on scheduled time, are overhauled by technicians that represent  superior craftsmanship, include genuine spare parts, and are done 100 % in accordance with manufacturers specifications and manuals.


We are surprisingly competitive despite the fact the job is done externally and requesting a propeller overhaul price from General Aviation Service will prove a very clever and economical move for you.


We dismantle the propeller from the aircraft, pack it carefully in our own box system, ship it out and get it back for reinstallation in a time that more than meets market expectations and traditions, and extra billings are minimal  if any.


To exterior customers we are also offering loan boxes, problemless pick up and return service and unbeliveable turn-around times at less cost. Your location is no obstruction for a succesfull  mission.


Again, please don’t hesitate to ask for a quote.




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